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The documentation Website is here : http://documentation.fusiondirectory.org

The nice user friendly website is here : http://www.fusiondirectory.org

The information on packages repositories for developpers is here : https://forge.fusiondirectory.org/projects/fd/wiki/Url_of_various_depots_for_developpers

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Latest projects

  • fusiondirectory-gpg-keys (02/28/2014 11:16 pm)

    Project for managing the public key used by the FusionDirectory project to sign the packages

  • Argonaut Libraries (02/03/2014 06:55 pm)

    This project contains the libraries needed by the argonaut project

  • Automated testing (01/26/2014 01:38 pm)
  • smarty3-i18n (10/04/2013 11:24 am)

    The smarty-gettext project is abandonned and we are a heavy user of it, so we decided to become upstream of it.

    This is the bugtracker of the now called smarty3-i18n project

    Enjoy :)

  • management-tools (05/02/2013 09:37 am)

    This is a collection of script to help develop FusionDirectory :

    It contains script for locale management, building dev & release packages, creating account for git repos.